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Part of my 90 Minute Challenge, Notes is a simple application that lets you user write a note, check it as done and remove it. The list automatically saves to a cookie on the user's system so the next time they open the webpage, there list can be retrieved.

Further development would be to allow the user to login, adding more privacy to the user's notes. Also, I would like add customisation for the colour of the notes.


The realisation of how Pinterest and the jQuery plugin Isotope work hit me one night, as a sort of epiphany. So I decided to re-create the effect (resize the page and you'll notice).

You can read how I acheived the Pinterest effect here

Music Visuliser

This was one of the first tutorials I wrote and I feel is one of my best. The music visualiser was built to give the impression that it was responded to music being played in the background.

Performance is good when on it's own, but combined with other animations or heavy plugins then it becomes very sluggish. I would like to go back and see if there's a more efficient way to build this.


Slidorion is my creation I am most proud of. Having receieved an overwhelming 18,000 unique visitors in it's first month, Slidorion has done better than I could have imagined. With the help of many people in the web industry, it has become less buggy and easier to use.

Currently I am developing a fullscreen version of Slidorion. This should hopefully be available in the coming weeks

Backlink Checker

An application I developed at Tidy Design, a web design company in Hampshire, the backlink checker uses the SEOmoz API to access the Open Site Explorer and retrieve data about an inputted URL.

I hadn't had much experience with API's before this project, but the skills I gained from developing this were pricless. I would love the add more features at a later date.


Chat was a idea that stemmed from the creation of Notes, using its code as a solid platform to build from.

I wanted to develop a single page chat that works across all browsers and platforms, where you visit the site, creating a unique page, and have the ability to invite others to join the chat. This will hopefully work with large groups.

Currently under construction. Will be ready soon (I hope)

Website Calculator

The website calculator was an application I built at Tidy Design, a web design company in Hampshire. The specification was to build a calculator that was contained to one page and was simple for the user to use. The calculator was built by hand and had full validation across all different types of fields.

This was a really cool application to build, especially because we got to set the prices on the calculator :D